From the Forest Floor to the Customer’s Door

We provide commercial-scale services from the forest floor to the customer’s door. With Canadian, Baltic, US and South American supply sources, GNT has the logistical and operational capacity to deliver a stable source of quality hardwood and softwood products to consumers across the globe.

We manage forests, acquire wood by-products, process, manufacture and export the end products from our port operations. Our world class processing and ship loading terminals in the Maritimes are uniquely situated to provide excellent access to international markets.

Sustainable forestry

GNT creates economic benefit from natural forest material. We target under-utilized and renewable resources to produce high quality, value-added wood products for the global market.

We believe in taking the long-term view when it comes to forest management. Our approach promotes the development, quality and protection of forest resources and enhances biodiversity. GNT’s goal is to foster healthy and sustainable working forests.

Experienced – Dependable – Responsible

Our dynamic, innovative entrepreneurial team has a wide range of skill sets, combining expertise in the forest industry and several other key sectors.

As stewards of a vital natural resource, we meet and exceed the industry standards for sustainable forest management.

Governed by federal and provincial regulations, Great Northern Timber is FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certified.

No Other Company Offers What We Do

We can help you gather, process and ship your material, whether it’s along the wood fiber chain, it’s a mineral or another marketable commodity. GNT services are flexible, responsive, versatile and quick.

Our company actively seeks out new markets for our products and yours. We invite producers and users of wood fiber and other materials to partner with us.

We bring superior forest products to the world.

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