Young'un = contraction of "young one"

Young'un = contraction of "young one", a slang term for any child.

There are a few secrets to raising children. The first one is you should learn to use words like "young'un" often. Or rug rats, house apes, ankle biters, anything that sounds funny and disrespectful and takes a little of the seriousness out of the situation.

Therefore, lesson number one is: stop being so serious!

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Babies laugh and cry all the time. If you laugh more and cry less, they will too. So lighten up. Children can be tough. They can even be somewhat maddening sometimes. If you have a naked baby in one hand, a very poop-filled diaper in the other hand and you're trying to answer a phone with just your nose, that's funny. Laugh man, just laugh! You can always find something funny in it.

Lesson number two most of the time, babies don't need clothes or shoes, just a diaper. What's the point really of dressing your kid up just for play on the carpet in a climate controlled environment? That's just more laundry you gotta do. And when you have to change a diaper the clothes are in the way. If you're going out, ok, dress them up nice, but at home, keep your house a comfortable temperature and they'll do fine with just a diaper. Even playing outside, depending on your terrain, you may still do fine with just a diaper. If you've got some sharp gravel or something and the baby is actually going to get hurt, put some shoes and long clothes on the little rascal. Otherwise, diaper.

Lesson three, always always always talk to a young'un of any age like a person. Speak English. Goo-goo-gah-gah doesn't mean anything more to them than it does to you. From the age of just a few weeks, that baby is trying to learn the ropes, trying to figure out what's going on here, how you communicate, how you work the levers of a body to make sounds, to move it, etc. With stupid baby talk you force them to expend precious time and energy trying to learn that language and then one day, unexpectedly, you stop speaking it and they have to learn a whole new language. If I we're a baby I'd be really ticked off. Maybe they are.

Lesson four is a very precious lesson. You can never love your rug rats too much. Show them all the affection you want. Tell them you love them every single day, and mean it! Even in the times when you just wish you had drowned them before you got attached to them, remember that you love them, and tell them so, repeatedly.

Lesson five, spanking. This is not really a lesson at all. At least I'm not going to teach it to you. I'm not going to tell you not to spank your kid; I'm definitely not going to tell you that you should do it. I will tell you that the more intelligent young'uns will not respond well to spanking. You're just going to make them mad and they will diabolically get back at you someday. For the rest of them, well, if you want to know whether you should spank or not, and why, read Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard. That book contains the secrets of what happens when any individual experiences physical pain and unconsciousness. So read it, and then decide.

Lesson six, NO sugar, NO television, NO soft drinks (especially not diet drinks), NO food out of a box! In this case "NO" means "just a little".

Lesson seven NO PSYCHIATRY! If someone, psych or medical doctor, tries to label your young'un with a mental disorder, like ADD/ADHD, OCD, Depression, or any of the 374+ mental disorders listed in the DSM IV, there is only one thing to do. Kick that person in the shin and run. And also know this the symptoms of mental illness are real. If your young'un is having a hard time in life, get some real help. Education/nutrition, a REAL medical exam from a real NON-psychiatric doctor, look into allergies, toxicity, cut back the TV and sugar, find out what is REALLY going on and help your little ones be healthy, happy and successful.

If it's too late for you and your yard apes have already been diagnosed with a mental disorder and/or on drugs for it, be very careful. Do NOT stop treatment on your own. Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs can be very dangerous, look it up! Get competent medical care to help get your young'uns off the dangerous and addictive drugs and onto something to really help them.

Lesson number eight, the final lesson, is that you should be very careful to learn what works in your parenting, do more of that and learn what doesn't work and stop doing it. You can't go wrong with that.

One more thing. In researching this article, I found some references indicating that the term young'un comes from "young gun", not "young one". A "young gun" is: "an up-and-coming young man, especially one considered as being assertive and confident." I used it in this article to simply mean "young one" but you can feel free to use either definition.

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  • Dalhousie Woodchip Loading Facility

    Truck Receiving:
    WEIGHTRONICS 100 ton 90′ (27.432 m)

    Chip Van Receiving:
    50T 45 B.I.D. Canada Transportable Truck Dumper c/w Hydraulic Power Unit

    Screw Reclaimer:
    B.I.D. Canada 800 tons per hour 3 Screw Reclaim and Lump Breaker

    Conveyor System:

    3 stage free fall fixed conveyor rated at 600 tons per hour
    48″ Belt with Cleats
    Air draft is of 17.5 m

    Outreach of ship loader to fender fence
    11 m min to 16.2 m max

    Storage Capacity: (Roundwood)
    20,000-ton capacity roundwood

    Storage Pad Capacity: (Wood Chips)
    12,000 m2 – 5″ Highway Grade Asphalt Pad
    42,000 Ton Capacity

    Wharf: (West)
    Load limit Structure (H20-S16 Max Railway Loading)
    Wharf face has 26 Bollards over a 355 m length
    Max low tide 10.3 Draft

  • Sheet Harbour Shiploading Terminal

    Chip Pile Reclaim:
    B.I.D. 3 Screw Reclaim
    & Lump Breaker

    60″ wide, fixed & moveable ERIEZ Electromagnet for 60″ belt MILLTRONICS 60″ belt scale.

    Self-powered Moveable Conveyor Loader

    Ship Trimmer:
    SVEDALA 4-42″ Jet Slinger

    152 m long concrete caisson structure, built 1987 Mooring Buoys & two 100 ton land bollards Maximum loaded draft 11.0 m at LLW, tide + 1.5 m Tugboat service, up to 5000 hp available.

    Loading Capacity (max):
    1200 tons per hour

  • Sheet Harbour Chipping Facility

    Truck Receiving:
    WEIGHTRONICS 100 ton
    80 ft (26m) scale

    Chip Van Receiving:
    RADAR 65 ton 65 ft (20m)
    fixed truck dump

    B.I.D. CANADA 50 ton
    portable truck dump

    FUJI-KING KD/4-90
    Trough Debarker, 90 ft (27m)

    CAE Machinery 76″
    – 8 knife chipper

    ERIEZ Electromagnet
    for 30″ belt

    B.I.D. Disc Scalping Screens
    B.I.D. Twin 24″ Distribution Screw Conveyors
    2 – BM&M 12′ x 20′ Gyratory Twin Deck Screens
    48″ – 8 knife re-chipper

    Storage Capacity:
    Roundwood – 50,000 tons

    Chips – 8″ (200 mm)
    14,000 m2 cement pad

    Additional chip storage
    area – 6,000 m2

    Chips – total storage
    120,000 tons

    Testing Lab:
    2 – ovens
    Chip analyzer

    Production Capacity:
    400,000 tons per year

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